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Sea Lace

Pangea America

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Scientific Name: Chorda filum

Number of Blades/Leaves: 10

Blade/Leaf Width: 3mm           

Distribution: Chorda filum is widespread in the temperate waters of the northern hemisphere.

Description: Chorda filum, commonly known as dead man's rope or sea lace typically has long, unbranched and hollow rope-like brown fronds about 5mm (0.20in) in diameter but can reach lengths of 8m (26ft). The holdfast is disc-shaped. C. filum is found in sheltered marine and brackish bodies of water at depths of 5m (16ft). They are usually anchored to loose substrates like gravel and pebbles or other macroalgae and eelgrass. C. filum grow at an average of 17cm (6.7in) per month. They are annuals and die during winter.